Ready Start Terrebonne was in need of branding and marketing materials for their Early Childhood Education events. These materials are used to inform parents about early childhood development, the importance of high-quality early childhood settings, and more information about the early childhood programs offered by Terrebonne Parish. The printed materials included notepads, pens, canvas bags, t-shirts, brochures, tablecloths, billboards, vinyl decals, business cards, magnets, an infographic, and a stand-up banner.
The banner was used for early childhood events to educate the public. A website was also coordinated with the same branding and had a user-friendly navigation for anyone interested in more information (the website is now managed by them, so it looks different). A flyer was created specifically for any future corporate partners, as they also partner with major companies like Oschner. This is to inform them of the importance of getting involved in early childhood education/development.
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